Dewey’s 24 Hour Read-a-Thon Progress Updates

DeweyThe local starting time is 3pm so I am going to mark the hours according to that.



 I'm so looking forward to these 24 hours!! I hope to get A LOT of reading done!!


1. I'm reading from Finland and the starting time here is 3pm :)
2. In my stack of books I'm looking forward to maybe finishing Game of Thrones!
3. I don't have any special snacks just energy drinks to keep myself awake.
4. Little something about meself: We adopted a puppy a couple of months ago :)
5. I don't even know how many Dewey's I have participated but I don't think I'd do anything differently. Hourly updates and energy drinks have worked in the past ;)



I read 26 pages of Game of Thrones and ate some bread and hot chocolate with whipped cream.


"To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all." – Oscar Wilde

Makes you think what you do with the time given to you :)



 I've read 28 pages more of Game of Thrones :)


IMG_2562Spring: Second Chance by Jane Green (cover, colours)
Summer: It Happened One Summer by Polly Williams (name)
Autumn: Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson (cover, colours)
Winter: Unravel Me by Tahereh Mafi (cover, colours)










I'm currently on page 455 in Game of Thrones (with starting page 396). I'm not participating to this hour challenge :)
I fed my dog and took him out and of course READ!

Total Pages Read: 59 (Game of Thrones)
Mood: Happy and perky :D



I continued to read Game of Thrones since I need to catch up with my friend who is like 200 pages ahead of me :)

Total Pages read: 88 (Game of Thrones)
Mood: Not tired at all! Willing to read!!!


1. Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin
2. Arya Stark (Eddard Stark's young, strong, tomboy daughter)
3. Jennifer Lawrence
4. She looks strong and Arya is just the kind of character she has acted before.
5. See my contact info :)



I took a looong relaxing shower but now I'm back to reading again ;)

Pages read:  88 (Game of Thrones)
Mood: Relaxed, hungry



I started to read Minecraft Construction Handbook by Matthew Needler and continued with Game of Thrones as well.

Total Pages read: 101 (Game of Thrones) 40 (Minecraft Construction Handbook)
Mood: Getting a bit tired


IMG_2567A weapon: Furies of Calderon byJim Butcher
A tree: Lovely, Dark and Deep by Amy McNamara
Snow: The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson







I listened to Eldest (Inheritance Cycle #2) by Cristopher Paolini but I'm not sure if I want to continue it because it's really boring..

Total pages read: 101 (Game of Thrones) 40 (Minecraft Construction Handbook)
Mood: Little less tired because of energy drinks


IMG_2568The Last Time I Saw You
Nineteen Eighty-Four
The Edge of Never

Before I Go to Sleep
Still Missing
Definitely Dead

Under the Never Sky
Shadow and Bone
Dead and Gone

Goodnight, Beautiful

(forgot to add the last book to the pic, sorry)



It took me like half an hour to compose that book spine poetry but the rest of the time I read Game of Thrones.

Total pages read: 128 (Game of Thrones) 40 (Minecraft Construction Handbook)
Mood: Driven to read


I don't know if it's weird or not but medieval books (you know the medieval feeling, like Game of Thrones I'm currently reading) make me want to eat meat. Since I'm not that big fan of beef I haven't cosidered any beefy food to match medieval books but chicken instead. I know beef would probably suit better but chicken works wonders as well. I honestly find myself craving something "medieval" to eat when I read about the characters feasting in some big hall with lots of stew and meat. I have one great recipe for chicken which I like to eat every now and then. Not too often so I won't get tired of it. Take a chicken leg and remove the bone. Stuff it with goat cheese and put it in the oven with some garlic potatoes =perfect <3 and pretty medieval ;)



Spend the last hour absorbed in Game of Thrones.

Total pages read: 153 (Game of Thrones) 40 (Minecraft Construction Handbook)
Mood: Want. To. Read.


My bookish party would be themed around Harry Potter of course. Nothing original there but it's my favourite series of all time so of course I picked it! I love sugar so I think I would be serving some cute cupcakes in Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw colours. Nothing too complicated because I'm not that good with little tiny weeny decorating stuff. Just like red, green, yellow and blue. I would also be serving cookies with maybe broomsticks and little glasses on them. Something Snape related as well because he is my hero <3 Signature drink would of course be Butter Beer ;) I have no idea what games would there be but maybe a Harry Potter quiz..A funny gift to give every guest would be a "D.A" keychain! Or we could do the "which house do you belong in" quiz and then everybody would get the chain with the logo of the house they belong :) Oh the possibilities!



Last hour was spent taking care of my dog and reading Game of Thrones.

Total pages read: 173 (Game of Thrones) 40 (Minecraft Construction Handbook)
Mood: really want to read


1. Harry Potters
They will stay in the hearts of people because they are so well loved now. Pretty much everyone has read them and loved them. I think people will pass the books to their children and grand-children and that way they will be remembered and well loved 100 years from now.

I don't know any other book that I think will be remembered years past. Seriously I don't think anyone has written anything worth that honor except Rowling. It's the cold fact. Books nowadays stay up a couple of months and are lucky to be remembered even in a years time.

Oh, almost forgot: I WON IN THE DEWEY'S HOURLY DRAW!!! I'M SO HAPPY :)



I spent the last hour reading Game of Thrones and feeding my bunnies.

Total pages read: 212 (Game of Thrones) 40 (Minecraft Construction Handbook)
Mood: Inspired and not tired at all


1. I am reading Game of Thrones and Minecraft Construction Handbook
2. I haven't finished any book yet :) Obviously because Game of Thrones is so LONG.
3. I'm looking forward continuing Game of Thrones.
4. Surprisingly I haven't had that many interruptions and all of them were planned. I knew the dog needed to be taken out and the bunnies fed :)
5. What surprises me the most? I don't know. I have participated so many times so not many things actually do..



I think the lack of sleep is starting to show itself because I'm not sure what I did in the past hour but I'm pretty sure I just read Game of Thrones..

Total pages read: 233 (Game of Thrones) 40 (Minecraft Construction Handbook)
Mood: I'm feeling an urge to go to sleep but I'm resisting it. More caffeine!



I decided to DNF Eldest (Inheritace Cycle #2) by Christopher Paolini audiobook because it was just so boring.. I'm kinda disappointed though because I really enjoyed the first one.. Instead I started to listen to The Treatment (The Program #2) by Suzanne Young. Also I think I have to start to leave myself notes about what I did in the beginning of the hour just to be sure.. :D So NOTE TO SELF: While doing the 15 min walking challenge I listened to The Treatment..

Yeah, ended up listening The Treatment for 37 minutes :)

Total pages read: 233 (Game of Thrones) 40 (Minecraft Construction Handbook)
Mood: Not as tired as an hour ago. The energy drinks are working! Though now I feel restless..



You know the dragon and the crocodile look kinda same to me, hehehehee.. *tired*










I feel SLOW. Like I'm moving half slower than usual. Or more.. Prebably more. The past hour I think I spent reading Game of Thrones.

Total pages read: 259 (Game of Thrones) 40 (Minecraft Construction Handbook)
Mood: slow


I'm using the book I'm currently reading – Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin. I found a perfect song to fit it. All the characters in the book are somehow rotten or faulty. ALL. Even the good ones. Beause of that The Noose – The Offspring (needs to be listened LOUD):

Well our souls are all mistaken in the same misguided way
We all end up forsaken, we're just choosing our own way
The future now incinerates before our very eyes
And leaves us with emptiness of no more tries

Well our visions of a glory now have spiraled down the drain
The best of our intentions that come crashing down in flames
The depths of our despair we are unable to contain
It's shallow living

The noose is falling
And all my friends are crawling
The noose is falling
And enemies are rising
A truth appalling
Our mak'r comes a calling
The noose is falling
And enemies are rising

Well the tracers from yesteryear are burning in the dust
Your bruises are reminders of naivete and trust
You're only feeling stronger cause your body's getting numb
Now I lay you down
Put the coins in your eyes
And blow the candles out



Ended up listening The Noose from the last challenge too many times.. Also had to choose new 3 choises of prizes I won on hour 11 because (my luck) the ones I had chosen were already taken. But the rest of the time I read Game of Thrones.

Total pages read: 278 (Game of Thrones) 40 (Minecraft Construction Handbook)
Mood: Not that tired because it's getting light outside :)


I'm reading and having fun.. RESTLESSSSS.. #DeweySixWordStory



I took the dog out briefly but then continued with Game of Thrones.

Total pages read: 307 (Game of Thrones) 40 (Minecraft Construction Handbook)
Mood: I think I must be tired because without my notes I wouldn't have any idea what I did an hour ago..



No idea what I did but it was suddenly 7:24.. The made some breakfast and read Game of Thrones.

Total pages read: 321 (Game of Thrones) 40 (Minecraft Construction Handbook)
Mood: I ate so I feel pretty good. Not too tired. Not that witty either but I will manage :D


The best cover of my reading year: I read the Harry Potters with the limited edition paperback covers and they are the most beautiful I have ever seen.

The best classic (not counting rereads) of my reading year: Little Women by Louisa May Alcott

The best character of my reading year: Edmond Dantes from The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas



Continued with Game of Thrones.

Total pages read: 353 (Game of Thrones) 40 (Minecraft Construction Handbook)
Mood: Pretty good considering the time I have spent reading. And I still want to continue!


IMG_2571Here is a part of my read books shelf.











I needed to feed the bunnies and the dog + took him outside. Then finished Minecraft Construction Handbook.

Total pages read: 353 (Game of Thrones) 80 (Minecraft Construction Handbook)
Mood: It was refreshing to read something else besides Game of Thrones!



Because I know how to draw :D This is from the Game of Thrones, see the direwolf!








It took too long to draw the picture above considering the quality of it but it's done :D I started The Red-Headed League (Sherlock Holmes novel) by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Total pages read: 353 (Game of Thrones) 80 (Minecraft Construction Handbook) 14 (The Red-Headed League)
Mood: I feel a bit tired and as I counted I have been up 23 hours now!


The five bunny book I last read was actually a reread, The Count of Monte Cristo by ALexandre Dumas. It's written so well and the plot is awesome. Revenge has always fashinated me and with a likable main character, Edmod, the story flowed even though the book is over a thousand pages long. It didn't feel like it! I love how every single character and happening is important and you have to remember a great deal of things to understand all! Brilliant! The ending, too, was really satisfying.



I finished The Red-Headed League and continued Game of Thrones.

Total pages read: 369 (Game of Thrones)  80 (Minecraft Construction Handbook) 21 (The Red-Headed League)
Mood: I have now drank both of my bottle of energy drink and I find that I am very tired. I. Need. To. Sleep.


The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society by Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows. I saw the book mentioned in Shaina Reads and I already had the book on my TBR pile but since the pile consists of hundreds of books I needed a remainder that I really need to get my hands on that book! :)



I needed to take the dog out again, we are housebreaking him. Then I continued with Game of Thrones.

Total pages read: 387 (Game of Thrones) 80 (Minecraft Construction Handbook) 21 (The Read-Headed League)
Mood: Tired. Can't wait to sleep.


No songs were mentioned in any of the books I have read and I'm tired so it's hard to think besides the song I already linked to Game of Thrones in the challenge like 5 in the morning or something..Is it cheating to choose the same? Okay I won't. This one fits Game of Thrones as well because it sounds medieval:



I ate some food to refresh myself and continued with Game of Thrones (almost finished, one more chapter to go!)

Total pages read: 400 (Game of Thrones) 80 (Minecraft Construction Handbook) 21 (The Read-Headed League)
Mood: I'm feeling really tired and weird.



I finished Game of Thrones!


1. The most daunting hour was definitely hour 23
2. I think short books are good for this kind of readathon but I managed a fat one just as well :)
3. I liked the readathon just as it was! No imprevement suggestions :)
4. Everything. The challenges were mostly posted on time, there were good prizes and cheering worked at least to me.
5. I read 3 books.
6. I read Game of Thrones, Minecraft Construction handbook and The Red-Headed League.
7. I enjoyed most Game of Thrones.
8. I enjoyed least The Red-Headed League but it was good too.
9. I wasn't a chearleader.
10. I will participate to next readathon!! I think I'll be just a regular reader.. Maybe I'll host a challenge one day.



405 pages of Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin
80 pages of Minecraft Construction Handbook by Matthew Needler
21 pages of The Red-Headed League (Sherlock Holmes) by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
= 506 pages read total

37 minutes of The Treatment by Suzanne Young
about 23 minutes of Eldest (Inheritance Cycle #2) by Christopher Paolini
= about 60 min total audibooks

3 books finished
1 audiobook DNF:ed
1 audiobook started

1 won book (not sure which)
1 won Starbucks gift-card

1000 ml energy drinks

0 slept hours
28 hours awake

I am very proud of myself. I was supposed to read Paper Towns by John Green but instead I was so absorbed in Game of Thrones I ended up finishing it which was not my plan at all! I had no idea I COULD actually do that! I'm also proud I actually spent most of the time reading and less time with audiobooks. I also participated in most of the challenges. I think I deserve a nap now :)

Hope you had a wonderful readathon too!


17 comments to Dewey’s 24 Hour Read-a-Thon Progress Updates

  • Steph @ Living In High Cotton  says:

    I still would like to read Game of Thrones. Happy reading!

    • Book Bunny  says:

      This is my second time reading it ;)

  • Melissa  says:

    Paper Towns and Game of Thrones are both awesome! Happy reading today!
    “It is what you read when you don’t have to that determines what you will be when you can’t help it.” ― Oscar Wilde

    • Book Bunny  says:

      Thank you! :) I hope I will get to Paper Towns soon!

  • adelarocha  says:

    Happy Read-a-thon! You’ve made me crave a hot chocolate with whipped cream :)

  • Melody  says:

    Finally!! Someone else from Finland! :’)

    • Book Bunny  says:

      Haha, niinpä :) Kiva tietää että joku muuki Suomesta valvoo samaan aikaan kun minä ja lukee!

  • samantha1020  says:

    It sounds like you are doing pretty great so far! What are you thinking about Game of Thrones so far? I would like to try it myself but the books are so big and I am a bit intimidated. I hope that you are having lots of fun. It looks like you are doing really great so far! Happy Reading!


    • Book Bunny  says:

      I have read all of them before and I liked them but the first one is the best by far! I know they are LONG but when you start you can’t stop ;) It’s really addicting!

  • Masanobu  says:

    You are doing really great so far! I know I couldn’t read a doorstopper on a day like Dewey’s RAT. More power to you!

    One little bit of advice: stay hydrated to avoid a major crash caused by the wearing off the caffeine. I’m speaking from personal experience here – I totally bombed my first readathon :D

    Happy reading from #TeamSherlock!

    • Book Bunny  says:

      Thank you! I didn't even think about the caffeine wearing off! I have been sipping an energy drink now but I know I will drink both of my bottles so I will keep your advice in mind! :)

  • Ronnica, Striving Stewardess  says:

    Those hours make for a difficult Readathon. Keep up the reading!

  • Julie L  says:

    Happy Read-A-Thon. I’m not sure whether having the middle of the night come early is an advantage or a disadvantage. But keep up the good fun!

    Julie L
    Go #TeamSherlock

    • Book Bunny  says:

      I’ve been thinking the same thing but I think it’s an advantage. I got to sleep until 12.00 before the readathon and I can take a quick nap when the readathon finishes without it interfering with my normal sleep ^^

  • nerdybookgirl  says:

    You’ve won the bookish brews challenge! Email your mailing address to me at figandthistlebooks(at)gmail(dot)com. I’ll put your Starbucks gift card in the mail. You have 24-hours to claim your prize! Congrats!

  • Judith  says:

    Well done for staying awake the whole time! My starting time was 14.00 (Netherlands) but I did go to sleep at 1 am (and back up at 6.30 for more reading). Congrats for keeping going and for finishing those books!

I love comments!