30 Day Reading Challenge – Days 1-3

First let's clear the rules I'm setting for myself for this challenge.

- reading 1 page/ day counts
- audiobooks don't count
- school reading doesn't count either
- the day ends when I go to sleep (sometimes it's after 12 pm)

I had trouble trying to figure out what to read. There are so many unread books in my shelves it shouldn't be that hard but it was. In the end I settled on Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: The Original Screenplay (boy what a mouthful) because I felt like reading something familiar. I debated on starting the Potters yet again but then thought that it might be too easy and I wouldn't have to think what to read next if I marathoned the whole series. So I chose something familiar yet new. Besides I really need to read that book let's be honest.

It was hard to pick up the book for the first time. So hard! I procrastinated on youtube for way too long but in the end I did pick up Fantastic Beasts and started to read. On the first evening I read a total of 67 pages. I consider it a huge success even though the pages were quick to read because it is a screenplay with lots of illustrations and blank spaces.

The second day I read 51 pages and it was as hard to pick up the book and read as the first day. I did discover the joy of reading again and it was absolutely wonderful. To be able to be sucked into a different world and read and not realize that the time is passing is so great and I have missed it so much.

This is the the third day and I just spent some quality time with Fantastic Beasts. I'm now on page 154 so I have read 36 pages and I plan on continuing later. So far everything is going well :)


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