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Bout of Books Updates

So I decided not to make a TBR-pile because I simply have no idea what I want to read. I don't have that many quick reads left in my shelves so I'll be reading longer books and I have no idea how long finishing them will take. The important thing for me is to get as many pages read as possible. Since I haven't done that before I have no idea what kind of goal to set for myself so I won't. I just want to see how many pages I'm capable of reading without any pressure. It's going to be so much fun!

In 'books finished' I'll also count audiobooks. I'm too lazy to count every single day how many hours I've listened so I won't keep tabs on that.

I'll start the reading with Library of Souls by Ransom Riggs which I have already started (on page 284) and the listening with The Sun Also Rises...

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Bout of Books 19 Sign-Up


This is my official sign-up for Bout of Books readathon. More info here. I'm a bit late but my TBR-pile will be up shortly!


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