Trying some Easy Photography Tricks with Phone

Photography now is not just a hobby and a job for people. It has become a part of people’s lifestyles. Wherever people go, whatever they do, people will always take pictures. Moreover, taking pictures now is easier with the camera feature on a handphone. With some little easy photography tricks with phones, people could create great pictures. However, not all people know how to take a nice photo using the camera on their handphone.

Taking pictures with a handphone is not only easier to use than a mirrorless/DSLR camera. But it is also cheaper and more practical. For example, when going on vacation, not all places allow people to bring mirrorless/DSLR or even a camera pocket inside. The only camera that people could use is a camera phone. With the right easy photography tricks with phones, people could still get photos like a professional camera. Here some tricks to get a great photo with just using a camera phone:

1. Use natural light

Even though cameras on phone allow people to use a flashlight, it is best to not use it. Flashlights would decrease the color and quality of the photo. Use the natural light to give the best color and tune for the photo. However, if taking pictures indoor it might be a little difficult to get natural light. As another option, take the picture near a light or adjust the camera exposure before taking a picture

2. Turn on the Camera Grid

A camera grid would help people to be able to take a photo with a perfectly vertical or horizon position. Taking a picture with the composition would create a great photo. Using a camera grid is one of the easy photography tricks with phones. People could turn on this feature on the setting on their camera. This feature is available not only on handphones but also on DSLR and mirrorless cameras.

3. Use HDR mode

To get the best result from a handphone, HDR is one of the answers. The colors and details of the photo would be more deep and sharper. HDR mode creates better quality and details than a regular one. People could simply turn on automatically the HDR mode or manage it first as well. However, HDR photos take more memories on the handphone.

4. Get some Focus

Another easy photography tricks with phones are using the focus feature. The focus feature allows people to take a picture of an object clear and detail, while the background is blurred. It might take time to get the perfect manual focus before taking the picture. However, the good things do take time, right?

5. A Clean Lens

People usually ignore and often forget about cleaning their lenses before taking a picture. Whereas the lens would completely affect the result. Make sure to clean the lens on the camera phone using a fiber or a lint-free cloth.

There are many easy photography tricks with phones that people should try to get a perfect image. However, it is also necessary to practice often. The more often a person practices, the more expert they would be.

Best Online College for International Relationship

Online college is becoming a new trend for those who are planning to go to college. People can choose an online college where it is more flexible and simple. One of the most favorite majors these days is the international relationship. There are many universities with this program. However, to get the best, it is sure people will choose the best online college for international relationship. 

Many colleges provide international relations major but not all are the best. The best colleges are the ones that provide great alumnus, and lecturers to support their students. So, adjust your needs with their programs and time. Here are some of the best online college for international relationship programs you can consider.

1. American

This university in Washington offers two kinds of programs. One is about relations and the other is service relations. Both programs prepare the students to become a person that can help peace through relations and policy. Therefore, it is very useful for those who are planning to step down on the field. The total credit needed for the major is around 39-credit hours. 

 2. Troy

In this university, the university prepares its students for not only being a master in the major but also in the practical. Therefore, even though this is online students must apply what they learn in real life. This way, they learn the theory and the practical way in the field. Troy University has proven to produce some of the best alumnus in the world. The acceptance rate for this university is around 60% total each year. 

 3. Arizona State 

Known as the school for the future, Arizona State University provides a study in technology development. Inside this major, there is a study for international development. Here, people will learn how to work on an relationship through technology. It is quite an interesting study overall to learn. So, it will be interesting to see how it goes in the future and the effect. Thus, no wonder this university is one of the best online colleges for international relationship program.

 4. St. Mary 

Located in San Antonio, this is one of the oldest university with international programs. They will also discuss wide range of issues that are happening these days in the world. Therefore, joining here, all the students will surely be updated with the updating issue. The acceptance rate of this university is up to 61% of the total sign up.

 5. Norwich 

Norwich University offers program that will teach students about international issues. First, they will learn about the basic in relations between government. Next, they will learn on the issues and how to solve them in certain ways. The university teaches the students to learn more in the field rather than only theory. 

Choose the best out of the best from these best online college for international relationship. These are the best online schools, so the be accepted you must fight hard. However, some of these schools have tight acceptance rate, so don’t forget to measure your capability. Whichever school you choose, make sure to enjoy it especially the learning part.