Trying some Easy Photography Tricks with Phone

Photography now is not just a hobby and a job for people. It has become a part of people’s lifestyles. Wherever people go, whatever they do, people will always take pictures. Moreover, taking pictures now is easier with the camera feature on a handphone. With some little easy photography tricks with phones, people could create great pictures. However, not all people know how to take a nice photo using the camera on their handphone.

Taking pictures with a handphone is not only easier to use than a mirrorless/DSLR camera. But it is also cheaper and more practical. For example, when going on vacation, not all places allow people to bring mirrorless/DSLR or even a camera pocket inside. The only camera that people could use is a camera phone. With the right easy photography tricks with phones, people could still get photos like a professional camera. Here some tricks to get a great photo with just using a camera phone:

1. Use natural light

Even though cameras on phone allow people to use a flashlight, it is best to not use it. Flashlights would decrease the color and quality of the photo. Use the natural light to give the best color and tune for the photo. However, if taking pictures indoor it might be a little difficult to get natural light. As another option, take the picture near a light or adjust the camera exposure before taking a picture

2. Turn on the Camera Grid

A camera grid would help people to be able to take a photo with a perfectly vertical or horizon position. Taking a picture with the composition would create a great photo. Using a camera grid is one of the easy photography tricks with phones. People could turn on this feature on the setting on their camera. This feature is available not only on handphones but also on DSLR and mirrorless cameras.

3. Use HDR mode

To get the best result from a handphone, HDR is one of the answers. The colors and details of the photo would be more deep and sharper. HDR mode creates better quality and details than a regular one. People could simply turn on automatically the HDR mode or manage it first as well. However, HDR photos take more memories on the handphone.

4. Get some Focus

Another easy photography tricks with phones are using the focus feature. The focus feature allows people to take a picture of an object clear and detail, while the background is blurred. It might take time to get the perfect manual focus before taking the picture. However, the good things do take time, right?

5. A Clean Lens

People usually ignore and often forget about cleaning their lenses before taking a picture. Whereas the lens would completely affect the result. Make sure to clean the lens on the camera phone using a fiber or a lint-free cloth.

There are many easy photography tricks with phones that people should try to get a perfect image. However, it is also necessary to practice often. The more often a person practices, the more expert they would be.

Best Online College for International Relationship

Online college is becoming a new trend for those who are planning to go to college. People can choose an online college where it is more flexible and simple. One of the most favorite majors these days is the international relationship. There are many universities with this program. However, to get the best, it is sure people will choose the best online college for international relationship. 

Many colleges provide international relations major but not all are the best. The best colleges are the ones that provide great alumnus, and lecturers to support their students. So, adjust your needs with their programs and time. Here are some of the best online college for international relationship programs you can consider.

1. American

This university in Washington offers two kinds of programs. One is about relations and the other is service relations. Both programs prepare the students to become a person that can help peace through relations and policy. Therefore, it is very useful for those who are planning to step down on the field. The total credit needed for the major is around 39-credit hours. 

 2. Troy

In this university, the university prepares its students for not only being a master in the major but also in the practical. Therefore, even though this is online students must apply what they learn in real life. This way, they learn the theory and the practical way in the field. Troy University has proven to produce some of the best alumnus in the world. The acceptance rate for this university is around 60% total each year. 

 3. Arizona State 

Known as the school for the future, Arizona State University provides a study in technology development. Inside this major, there is a study for international development. Here, people will learn how to work on an relationship through technology. It is quite an interesting study overall to learn. So, it will be interesting to see how it goes in the future and the effect. Thus, no wonder this university is one of the best online colleges for international relationship program.

 4. St. Mary 

Located in San Antonio, this is one of the oldest university with international programs. They will also discuss wide range of issues that are happening these days in the world. Therefore, joining here, all the students will surely be updated with the updating issue. The acceptance rate of this university is up to 61% of the total sign up.

 5. Norwich 

Norwich University offers program that will teach students about international issues. First, they will learn about the basic in relations between government. Next, they will learn on the issues and how to solve them in certain ways. The university teaches the students to learn more in the field rather than only theory. 

Choose the best out of the best from these best online college for international relationship. These are the best online schools, so the be accepted you must fight hard. However, some of these schools have tight acceptance rate, so don’t forget to measure your capability. Whichever school you choose, make sure to enjoy it especially the learning part.  

Becomes Beauty In A Night? Here Are The Tricks on How To Remove Acne Scars

Every woman is special. All of them have the same hope and wish. They want to be a beautiful girl that loved by people around them. In fact, all women are beautiful. They just have different perspectives to be beautiful. Unfortunately, there are many obstacles and distractions that make them unconfident with their self. The distraction of women commonly comes from their skin especially in the face such as acne and also acne scars. No one wants to have acne scars including a woman. They might try many efforts to remove acne scars. So, have you ever success to remove your acne scars? If you feel that you still have difficulty in removing the acne scars, you may try the following tricks. Here are the ways how to remove acne scars and make your skin health in a night.

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1. Lemon

Lemon contains vitamin C that has been trusted and effective to lighten the skin tone and remove your acne scars. Thus, lemon didn’t only just remove your acne scars but it also lightening your skin tone. Moreover, lemon is a natural chemical, thus, it might not give a bad effect on the skin. The step to use lemon as acne scars treatment is applying the water of lemon directly on the acne scars. Leave it amounts of ten minutes and reply it 2 times a day. Or, if you feel uncomfortable to use lemon directly, you might mix it with honey and apply it on the acne scars. Don’t forget to clean your face after treatment.

2. Coconut Oil

The next trick about how to remove acne scars is by using coconut oil. The coconut oil contains vitamin E which recognize as a good chemical for the skin. You can apply the coconut oil directly to the acne scars and massage amounts of five until 10 minutes. Then, wash your face using warm water in order to maximize the benefit. Moreover, you might mix it with lavender oil and try the same technique as the previous one. Repeat it regularly twice a day to get maximally result.

3. Vitamin E Oil

If you feel that the coconut oil doesn’t give you much, you can use vitamin E oil as the alternative. Vitamin E has a good antioxidant to repair and fade acne scars. The step is almost the same as the previous step. You can directly use vitamin E and apply it on the acne scars. To get result maximally, you might repeat it amounts of three times a day.

4. Baking Soda

You might familiar with this chemical but, you might not familiar to use it as the acne scars treatment. Yes, unfortunately, baking soda is more than our expectation as an additional substance for cake but, it can be used to fade your acne scars. You need to mix it with water and stir it. Then, apply it to your acne scars. Leave it until dry in amounts of two minutes. Thus, reply once a day for several times until your acne scars is totally clean.

Thus, are you interested in try it? All of them are easy tips about how to remove acne scars that you might try at home. Not only easy but it also save and cheap treatment. It will give good results when you repeat it several times. Be patient and keep your effort and make your skin beautiful.

Some List of Best Family Movies You Should Watch To Spend The Weekend

A family needs entertainment in filling their daily lives, especially when on vacation. One of the activities to fill the holiday is watching television with the family. Here is a list of the best family movies you should watch.

1 The Swiss Family Robinson

One of Walt Disney Pictures classic films is a complete adventure package for all family members. Which is an adaptation of Johann David Wyss’s The Swiss Robinson novel publish in 1812.

The story is not only play for one or two characters, but the whole family, from the father and his children. They were strand on an island because of the storm. Make them have to survive on the island which is still a jungle that is also filled in with wild animals.

Besides that, there are groups of pirates who come to take their property. But many family cheers are appeared in this film.

Such as a race that uses a variety of different animals as mounts. This video shoot in Tobago and the United Kingdom is the first Disney production to use a Panavision lens.

2 Karate Kid Series

Tells the story of a teenager who is always bully at his school so that makes him want to learn karate martial from Kesuke Miyagi, a karate master. Not only teaches karate, but Miyagi also teaches a mental knight in his students, so they can bring themselves, motivation and emotions.

The film was a huge success and led Pat Morita to be nominated for an Oscar in the Best Supporting Actor category. The story of the teacher and student is then continues it in The Karate Kid, Part II (1986) in Okinawa, The Karate Kid, Part III (1989).

In 2010, The Karate Kid reappeared in a reboot version with Jaden Smith as a pupil of Jackie Chan. The difference is that martial arts teachers are martial arts and settings in China. This TV series is the best family movies you should watch.

3 The Dog’s Story is Hachi

Hachi: A Dog’s Tale is a film remake of Hachiko Monogatari which was appeared in 2009. The film is based on the true story of Akita Inu, directed by Lasse Hallstrom, with scripts by Stephen P. Lindsey and Kaneto Shindo.

Tells about his hero: Hachiko, where that hero is his grandfather’s dog. A puppy in a Japanese convent is wrap up and sent to the US. Different loyalty is one of the dog forms. Until tragedy tested his loyalty.

4 The Judge

Robert Downey Jr. also can appear in the film drama. The cast, who is familiar with the character of Iron Man, plays the role of Hank Palmer, a very successful lawyer. However, Hank at one time had to return to his hometown and meet with his father.

From the past, Hank and my father had differed opinions from time immemorial. However, a problem arises when the father is accuse him of murder. The difficult choice must be traversed by Hank, whether to get along well with his father or remain dissent.

That’s a list of the best family movies you should watch. An interesting and adventurous story is an element that must be in this type of film. To continue to attract the interests of children to remain enthusiastic listening to the film and capture the moral message that is present.

Everlasting Comedy Movie That Will Make You Rolling On The Floor

Comedy movie is everyone’s favorite genre. Besides you can laughing to tears it also relief you from misery. Sometimes, watching a comedy movie is like therapy or medication during your bad-busy day. Meanwhile, there are several comedy movies that never get old. Here is the list of everlasting comedy movie:

1.      Sideways

This comedy movie is still relevant today and never fails to make you laugh out loud. Even better, this movie won an Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay and nominated for several categories, which is awesome. Meanwhile, Paul Giamatti and Thomas Haden Church succeeded in collaborating misery, desperation, and sex trouble in the wine country.

2.      School of Rock

This one never gets boring. Furthermore, the success of the movie inspires the real school of rock to open across the country. Meanwhile, Jack Black’s performance in this movie is awesome. He seems to absorb the rock vibe, energy, humor, and musicality into his bones. Nevertheless, the children cast are amazing and cute.

3.      Step Brother

It’s okay to have a stepbrother, right? Maybe it would not be a problem if that happens in your youth, not in your 40’s. Well, Brennan and Dale are forced to be a roommate after their parent married. Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly are really meant to be stepbrother, in another dimension perhaps.

4.      Rush Hour

Working with a partner is tough, especially when your partner is a ridiculous one. But, let Jacky Chan deal with it rather than us, because he is the one who can survive it. Meanwhile, this movie is about two agents with differences in every aspect of personality but must work together. LOL.

5.      Ted

Christmas is magic, for some people of course. Meanwhile, in this movie, Mark Walberg must deal with his Christmas wish. By the age of 8, he wishes for a living talking teddy bear, and magically it happens. But, you wish maybe your curse, even steal your job and your girlfriend. Careful, laughing suggested.

6.      Dumb and Dumber

Jim Carrey did an excellent work with his comical mimic and slapstick. While his partner, Jeff Daniels is even dumber. Besides, their dumbness is the center of the movie which is awesome. You will laugh to tears and don’t know how to stop. Thus, this movie considers as one of the everlasting comedy movies.

7.      The Sitter

Jonah Hill is absolutely brilliant. Also, he is a producer and actor in this movie. This movie is about a student who is temporarily dismissed and forced to become a babysitter by his mother. That is where the comedy begins, from the conflict between Jonah and the baby. Hilarious!

8.      Kick-Ass

Being a superhero is tempting. Therefore, Aaron-Taylor Jackson who plays Dave in the movie-obsessed with it. It doesn’t matter if you have superhero power or not, obsession is an obsession. Even if you got hurt by doing a silly heroic thing, it doesn’t stop you. And it doesn’t stop the fans to laugh.

That list of everlasting movie comedy may go on. If you are funny enough to add more, the stage is yours.

How To Determine Photography Costs For Wedding? Here Are The Tricks

There are many choices to choose photography costs for wedding and good quality prewedding. And also wedding photo packages that provide a variety of studio services at various prices. To get cheap pre-wedding photo packages. You should pay attention to how to choose and have the quality that is not inferior to other more expensive packages. Here are some tips we have in the store for you:

1. Choose a Package that Provides Photos and Video Album Facilities

Each inexpensive photography costs for wedding package will surely provide additional facilities. That is provided free of charge to people who use their services. Additional facilities are a photo album that contains a variety of shooting during the process of photo and video about the wedding being held.

2. Choose a Professional Photo Prewedding Vendor

Choosing a cheap and good quality prewedding also wedding photo package is not easy what else to handle prewedding photocall. They must adjust to the desires of customers who use their services. Photographers who produce many works and many who prove it. Then the results of the photographer usually display the results in his photo studio. Many need to know this further to provide quality results.

3. Choose a Prewedding Photo Vendor whose Service is Friendly

Choose photography costs for wedding package in addition to being cheap. Having a friendly and communicative service system for you to produce quality photos. Provide information about the poses and photos that are good and right. And also guide every movement and pose to be performed by the bride and groom. This supports the satisfying results of prewedding photos.

4. Choose an Experienced Prewedding Photo Vendor

Choose an experienced prewedding photo package to handle shooting problems for both indoor and outdoor situations. This is necessary so that later it will get satisfying results. And be able to instruct the bride and groom to give the best pose for the prewedding photos to be held.

5. Choose the Available Photo Prewedding Vendor Package Options

Usually, the prewedding photo package service will provide equipment for prewedding photos for the bride and groom. So that later you will not be hard-pressed to look elsewhere. Photo prewedding equipment provided clothes for photo prewedding. Cosmetology and supporting equipment for photo prewedding purposes. This makes it easy for effective photo prewedding.

6. Choosing Photo Prewedding Packages with Adequate Facilities

Choose a photo prewedding package that provides adequate facilities to support the running of prewedding photos so that they are smooth and consistent with the results provided. Facilities to support shooting to be more perfect and guaranteed results.

7. Choosing Affordable Photo Prewedding Package

Choose pre-wedding photo packages that have cheap and affordable prices. This needs to be studied for the specified price problem. Usually, according to the package you will choose. If you use a complete package and the clothes must be a bit expensive. But if only pre-wedding photography services, the price is affordable at around 500 thousand.

That’s the right way to choose photography costs for wedding. for couples who will use photo prewedding services, you should use a package that is well known and many are using it. The couples can consult with family or experienced friends for the selection of the right type of package and quality.

Some Unique Places For Pre Wedding Photos From Around The World

In this era, many foreign tourists are looking for the best spot for pre-wedding photos. Before the yellow leaf is completely curved, many couples will first do the ‘ritual’ pre-wedding photo. Here are some unique places for pre wedding photo in the world.

1. Roman

The city that stands on seven hills and Tiber Rer is one of the beautiful cities and the target of world tourists as one of the unique places for pre wedding photo. This place, which has a myriad of super classical architecture, is available in quiet and suitable streets for muscular forging.

2. Venice

Of some of the most beautiful places in the world, you certainly will not forget this one city. Venice, a city in the country of Italy. The City of Venice has works of art in every corner of the city. Because of that, it made couples who recognized the beauty of this city.

So that Venice became one of the best places for pre-wedding photos for couples. This makes many tourists recognize the beauty of the city as the best photo place for pre-wedding. In addition, this city is a city that is synonymous with romanticism.

3. London

Well, who does not know this city? This peaceful, attractive and multicultural city offers many tourist attractions and is great for taking pre-wedding photos! Although including a crowded city, but tourists from various parts of the country are never absent through London.

4. Republic of Ceko

This city is famous as the city of a thousand towers. The Czech Republic has many historic sites and beautiful preservation monuments. One of them is the bridge that is most often used as a place for pre-wedding photos. It is located along the Vitava river.

5. Santorini

Santorini is located in Greece. Santorini is the most beautiful island in the world geologically and archaeologically. Apart from that, this place is one of the most romantic places in the world. There are city buildings that are dominating on white and this blue roof.

It turns out that not only is this city the oldest in the world on earth. Bright and very beautiful city view, suitable for the romantic atmosphere sought by couples who are looking for a pre wedding place. So, this city is included in some unique places for a pre wedding photo.

6. Indonesia

The location of the anti-mainstream pre wedding photo is located in Yogyakarta, specifically Bantul. On Parangtritis Beach, there is a vast desert. Stretching from Depok Beach to Parangtritis. So that makes Sand Dune is a rare natural phenomenon and is the only one in Southeast Asia. There is has an area of ​​about two square kilometers.

Sand Dune is also often the location of anti-mainstream pre wedding photos because the nuance is similar to the desert in the countries of the Middle East region. In addition, sandboarding lovers can glide from a height that varies between five to seven meters with boards like skateboards and surfboards.

Those are some unique places for pre wedding photo. Make sure to choose the right place by following the wishes and available budget.

5 Most Success IT Company Around The World That You Should Know

Do you use a handphone? Do you use the internet? If the answer you give is yes, then you should know that the easiness you get is due to technological growth. But, do you know who is responsible for this rapidly growing technology? The answer is the IT companies. For many years these companies have been competing to be the top. And so developed many innovations that lead to this situation. Because of that, they’ve successfully climbed to the top position. So, here are the most success IT company around the world.

5 Most Success IT Company Around The World That You Should Know

1. Apple

These days who do not know i-phone? The smartphone made from Apple company is very popular around the world. When it comes to a smartphone, you can say that Apple is the one who leads it. Not only that, but Apple is also offering tech products such as a tablet, a music player, a laptop, and a desktop computer.

As one of the most success IT company around the world, Apple has a market value of $1.16 trillion. All of this income comes from mobile communication products and media devices.

2. Samsung Electronics

Like i-phone, smartphone from Samsung is also well known. Samsung Electronics starts its business in 1969 and now it grows big. Not only a smartphone, Samsung’s products such as smart tv, a laptop also popular. As the reason for its popularity is its good quality. Many products from Samsung are known for their quality.

Samsung Electronics is one of the IT companies outside the USA that able to compete globally. This is proven by its large market value that is $ 298.68 billion.

3. Microsoft

Computers users or laptop users must be familiar with this company. That’s right, it is Microsoft. It is well-known for its operating system planted in computers and laptops. Bill Gates and Paul Allen joined hands to built Microsoft in 1975. And now, it becomes one of the most success IT company around the world.

Although popular for its operating system, Microsoft still expands its business through computer software, PC, electronics, etc. And now it is developing an artificial intelligence application. With all of these products, Microsoft’s market value is $ 1.10 trillion.

4. Alphabet

Alphabet may sound strange in some people. But when mention Google, you surely know it. Although not many people know, actually Google is owned by Alphabet. Beside, Alphabet also owns all of google’s side projects. Life-extension company Calico, high-speed internet provider fiber, and Google’s smart home project Nest are some of Alphabet’s branch companies. Because of that. it is not strange that Alphabet has $ 878.48 billion of market value.

5. Intel

For some time, Intel Corporation has dealt with semiconductor chips as its main income. Most of the computers and laptops use Intel as their microprocessor. And now Intel start to expands their business in the cloud. 

As one of the IT companies, Intel always does innovation. As a result, Intel successfully made Intel Scalable System Framework that will open out high-performance computing. For all of this effort, Intel owns market value by $ 245.82 billion.

That’s all about the most success IT company around the world. Reading all of their effort to become success certainly makes you thankful. It’s precisely because of this company, now we can live in advance technology.

5 Best Software For Interior Design That Low Cost

Designing activities has become easier these days. Without having to draw themselves, designers can re-draw their thoughts and minds in application or software. It is also much faster compared to the old-style drawing design. The output itself is more clear and reliable to use. With the many best software for interior design, designing has never become this easy. 

5 Best Software For Interior Design That Low Cost

Now for those who are interested in interior design, but doesn’t have the drawing skill, don’t worry. These days, entry-level designers must be able on one of the software Therefore, when they have a job, they don’t face difficulty. To help, these are the cheap and best software for interior design:

1. Sketch Up

For those who still have basic knowledge in the interior design must try this software. This software is very easy to use and interface. Supported with an open-source of models, SketchUp will also help give you ideas in designing. However, because it is for basic users, the software will be quite heavy for complex designs. If you are still not sure, download the free version/ trial version first.

2. 3Ds Max

A simple software that is used by many professionals and students is Autodesk 3Ds Max. The software offers great tools that make it easy for simulating, rendering and seeing the designs. It also provides a plugin architecture that makes it available to use for other applications. There are many online tutorials to help more on how to use 3Ds max. 

3. AutoCAD

A is a must-learn software for those who are in interior design. Compared to the software before, AutoCAD is more complex. However, it is essential and has complete tools to support interior design needs. By using AutoCAD, designers can make little details and even 3D animation. This will help designers have a clear picture of what they are designing. Therefore, AutoCAD is one of the most used and best software for interior design.

4. Floorplanner

A bit different from the others, this is for decorating the interior. Floorplanner enables designers to design and decorate in 2D and 3D by online or offline. Yes, online because the software is also available online, therefore you don’t need to download it. The advantage of the software is giving details in decorating as a floor planner which makes it easier for designers. Next, you can switch the view in 3D mode and evaluate your design.

5. Smart Draw

The next powerful tool in the world of interior design is Smart Draw. It is very easy to use, that anyone can use it for the first time. Despite the easiness, the software is completed with advanced tools that make it suitable for advanced designers. There are endless options for furniture, buildings, and templates that you can choose in the software. If you want to try this software out, they provide a free trial for seven days.

Everyone has its own different best software for interior design, depending on their needs. Rather than buying, try out the free trial first. If it is suitable and functional, then buy the whole software to support your needs.

Best Photographer Camera For Beginners You Must Try

Every moment in our life is a valuable moment. Even we have bad moments it doesn’t make we should forget about it. We need to save our bad or happy moments to be a history of our life. To save those memories sometimes we need to take the pictures. Even some tried to look for the best photographer camera for beginners. Thus, we can remember all the moments that ever happens in our life.

Best Photographer Camera For Beginners

But, how can we take the best picture? Are we can take the best picture? Yes, you can do it by having such a wonderful camera. There are recommendations for the best photographer camera for beginners that you need to try.

1. Canon T-6-i

The first best photographer camera for beginners is canon T-6-i. The canon T-6-i has been the best camera among the photographers. The Canon T-6-i has a 24-megapixel crop sensor camera that can shoot 5 pictures in a second. Then, when you want to take a video you also can use this Canon T-6-i with 1080 video at 30 FPS. This camera also has a great feature that is a touch screen that will make it easy to use it.

2. Nikon D-3300

As we know together that Nikon is a cheap camera with high quality. If you are looking for a cheap but have high quality, you must try to use Nikon D-3300. This camera has 24-megapixel and a burst rate of 5 FPS. Same with the previous camera that is Canon T-6-i, the Nikon D-3300 also can take 1080 video at 60 FPS.

Those specifications are enough for you to choose the Nikon D-3300 as the best photographer camera for beginners.

3. Sony a-58

The third recommendation camera is from Sony s58. This camera is a good option to use for beginners. This camera also has a 1080 video at 30 FPS and 20.1-megapixel camera. If you are looking for a camera that has middle quality between Nikon and Canon, you may choose Sony a-58.

4. Fuji X-T 10

Different from the previous camera, the Fuji X-T10 is very suitable for the traveler photographer. Thus, if you are a traveler you may choose this camera. The Fuji X-T10 has a 16.3-megapixel mirrorless camera, a burst rate of 8 FPS, and 1080p video. This camera is easy to bring and accompany you to traveling the nature and take some great photography.

5. Nikon D-5500

The next best photographer camera for beginners is Nikon D-5500. This camera will be suitable for you who like a camera that has more features with simple level models. Not to mention, it has 24.2 megapixels with a 1080 video and a 39-points autofocus system. Also, this Nikon D-5500 is very great for taking a video.

So, those are the explanation about the best photographer camera for beginners. You must choose something that suitable for your needs. It is okay to be a beginner but you need to learn more about anything in a photographer. Don’t give up and work hard to make your dream come true. You must also give more effort in your process. The great photography will not come from the camera but it comes from a great photographer.