5 Most Success IT Company Around The World That You Should Know

Do you use a handphone? Do you use the internet? If the answer you give is yes, then you should know that the easiness you get is due to technological growth. But, do you know who is responsible for this rapidly growing technology? The answer is the IT companies. For many years these companies have been competing to be the top. And so developed many innovations that lead to this situation. Because of that, they’ve successfully climbed to the top position. So, here are the most success IT company around the world.

5 Most Success IT Company Around The World That You Should Know

1. Apple

These days who do not know i-phone? The smartphone made from Apple company is very popular around the world. When it comes to a smartphone, you can say that Apple is the one who leads it. Not only that, but Apple is also offering tech products such as a tablet, a music player, a laptop, and a desktop computer.

As one of the most success IT company around the world, Apple has a market value of $1.16 trillion. All of this income comes from mobile communication products and media devices.

2. Samsung Electronics

Like i-phone, smartphone from Samsung is also well known. Samsung Electronics starts its business in 1969 and now it grows big. Not only a smartphone, Samsung’s products such as smart tv, a laptop also popular. As the reason for its popularity is its good quality. Many products from Samsung are known for their quality.

Samsung Electronics is one of the IT companies outside the USA that able to compete globally. This is proven by its large market value that is $ 298.68 billion.

3. Microsoft

Computers users or laptop users must be familiar with this company. That’s right, it is Microsoft. It is well-known for its operating system planted in computers and laptops. Bill Gates and Paul Allen joined hands to built Microsoft in 1975. And now, it becomes one of the most success IT company around the world.

Although popular for its operating system, Microsoft still expands its business through computer software, PC, electronics, etc. And now it is developing an artificial intelligence application. With all of these products, Microsoft’s market value is $ 1.10 trillion.

4. Alphabet

Alphabet may sound strange in some people. But when mention Google, you surely know it. Although not many people know, actually Google is owned by Alphabet. Beside, Alphabet also owns all of google’s side projects. Life-extension company Calico, high-speed internet provider fiber, and Google’s smart home project Nest are some of Alphabet’s branch companies. Because of that. it is not strange that Alphabet has $ 878.48 billion of market value.

5. Intel

For some time, Intel Corporation has dealt with semiconductor chips as its main income. Most of the computers and laptops use Intel as their microprocessor. And now Intel start to expands their business in the cloud. 

As one of the IT companies, Intel always does innovation. As a result, Intel successfully made Intel Scalable System Framework that will open out high-performance computing. For all of this effort, Intel owns market value by $ 245.82 billion.

That’s all about the most success IT company around the world. Reading all of their effort to become success certainly makes you thankful. It’s precisely because of this company, now we can live in advance technology.

5 Best Software For Interior Design That Low Cost

Designing activities has become easier these days. Without having to draw themselves, designers can re-draw their thoughts and minds in application or software. It is also much faster compared to the old-style drawing design. The output itself is more clear and reliable to use. With the many best software for interior design, designing has never become this easy. 

5 Best Software For Interior Design That Low Cost

Now for those who are interested in interior design, but doesn’t have the drawing skill, don’t worry. These days, entry-level designers must be able on one of the software Therefore, when they have a job, they don’t face difficulty. To help, these are the cheap and best software for interior design:

1. Sketch Up

For those who still have basic knowledge in the interior design must try this software. This software is very easy to use and interface. Supported with an open-source of models, SketchUp will also help give you ideas in designing. However, because it is for basic users, the software will be quite heavy for complex designs. If you are still not sure, download the free version/ trial version first.

2. 3Ds Max

A simple software that is used by many professionals and students is Autodesk 3Ds Max. The software offers great tools that make it easy for simulating, rendering and seeing the designs. It also provides a plugin architecture that makes it available to use for other applications. There are many online tutorials to help more on how to use 3Ds max. 

3. AutoCAD

A is a must-learn software for those who are in interior design. Compared to the software before, AutoCAD is more complex. However, it is essential and has complete tools to support interior design needs. By using AutoCAD, designers can make little details and even 3D animation. This will help designers have a clear picture of what they are designing. Therefore, AutoCAD is one of the most used and best software for interior design.

4. Floorplanner

A bit different from the others, this is for decorating the interior. Floorplanner enables designers to design and decorate in 2D and 3D by online or offline. Yes, online because the software is also available online, therefore you don’t need to download it. The advantage of the software is giving details in decorating as a floor planner which makes it easier for designers. Next, you can switch the view in 3D mode and evaluate your design.

5. Smart Draw

The next powerful tool in the world of interior design is Smart Draw. It is very easy to use, that anyone can use it for the first time. Despite the easiness, the software is completed with advanced tools that make it suitable for advanced designers. There are endless options for furniture, buildings, and templates that you can choose in the software. If you want to try this software out, they provide a free trial for seven days.

Everyone has its own different best software for interior design, depending on their needs. Rather than buying, try out the free trial first. If it is suitable and functional, then buy the whole software to support your needs.