Top 4 Reasons Why People Can’t Move On From Avengers

reasons why people cant move on from avengers

on the 24th of April 2019, Marvel released Avengers: Endgame. Almost all superheroes character in Marvel are available here.  However, this film is connected with many films before in this franchise. There are many reasons why people can’t move on from Avengers.

For many people, watching again the film before Endgame is such boring. Maybe Marvel makes this film to answer many questions in Infinity War. In the start, this film feels boring with a small usual conflict. Above all, this film gives us a complicated story. If you never see the old MCU films, this film will make you confused.

Certainly, Avengers: Endgame is such a great film. Maybe, we will remember this film in a while. I will try to write some reasons why people can’t move on from avengers.

1. Wondering Why Captain Amerika is Getting Old at the End of the Film?

If you watch this film until the end, you will have this question too. We all know Captain Amerika is using the super serum that slowing down his ability to grow older. In this film, Cap just goes back to the past and then he grows old.

As a result, the old Cap makes us wondering how it could be. He didn’t back with the time machine and accidentally sitting in the chair. There nothing we can get for the reason. So, it still leaves us in big question and we can’t move on from Avengers.

2. Iron-Man or Tony Stark Die

The biggest accident that happens here is the death of big superhero, Iron-Man. Iron-Man died because he saves all people by using infinite stone power. On the other side, we still wondering why Iron-Man can use it when Hulk Can’t?

Most of all Iron-Man fans feel a heartbreak in here. In the same vein, I can’t believe why should Tony Stark die this early. I still wondering are Tony Stark didn’t deserve a better ending? Maybe all of those questions is one of the reasons why people can’t move on from avengers.

3. Many Heroes We can See in the Same Scene

The Marvel Heroes usually appear in the individual story. But in this film, we can see almost all heroes appear. It is a rare moment for MCU lovers to see all of his favorite hero. In contrast, this film just shows war briefly.

However, a lot of superheroes look more strong in this film. We can see their spirit in a serious moment. The famous character that appears in here is Hulk, Spider-Man, Dr. Strange, Thor, Iron-Man, Captain America, and many more.

4. There is a Lot of Epic Moments

In this film, we can’t ignore many epic moments. Each superhero in this film is like show us the real power. This film is also taken with an awesome position. As a result, we can see it with a rattle heart.

The complexion of the problem in this film make this film full of epic moments. For example, while in the last war we can feel the tension of the war, or while Iron-Man has passed away.

There are the reasons why people can’t move on from avengers. It such an awesome film, it is reasonable if we can’t forget it easily. 

Effective Quick Weight Loss Tips for Women You May Want To Try

Every woman dreams to have an ideal body. However, achieving it is not as easy as that. Some women may be born with skinny bodies and still healthy. While others must work out to get it. Many women prefer to lose weight quickly. Therefore, they choose operation and pills. This may be fast, but sometimes there are effects after consuming it. So rather than trying the dangerous way, try some of these weight loss tips for women that are easy to apply:

1. Exercise/ Go to the Gym

This is a must when it comes to losing weight. By doing some exercise, the body will burn up the fats inside the body. Making time to go to the gym is quite hard especially for those who have kids. Therefore, try to do some simple exercises from your house. A simple exercise to help lose weight is jogging. Jog a while around the neighborhood every day around 15 minutes. The effect won’t be seen right away. However, if you can do it regularly, you will slowly get the body you want.

2. No eating Sugar, Salt

The next weight loss tips for women is by not eating sugar and salt. This may sound simple, but it is hard. Sugar can cause a woman to easily get fat. If a person consumes to much sugar, the body will need more insulin. When this happens, insulin will save all the fats in the body. The fat doesn’t come out from the body. Therefore, this makes you fat. As for salts, after eating something salty people become thirsty. The body then receives much water and it stays inside. On the other hand, if you lessen up salty foods, the water inside can move out of the body.

3. Cutting Carbs

Type of food that can help lose weight is carbs. Rather than eating carbs, try to eat more protein. The more you eat carbs, the easier you get hungry. Carbs also make blood sugar levels increase. Therefore, try to reduce eating pasta, bread, rice. Change these foods with oats, barley or brown rice. Not only are those goods for weight loss, but also health.

4. 16 Hours Fasting

Try out fasting for 16 hours if you want to lose weight quickly. So, one day contains 24 hours. Choose your 8 hours windows of eating. As for the 16 hours, you must fast. It’s not as hard as it seems. Because it is just like a normal day. You can also eat anything in the 8 hours. However, if you are planning to get a quicker weight loss, try to cut carbs, sugar, and salt.

Just try these simple Weight Loss Tips for Women and you will surely lose some weight. The more disciplined you are, the more weight you can lose. If you are planning a diet, don’t forget to plan the menus to eat. Don’t get too stress either, because when you are stress usually you will eat. So, do some exercise, eat healthy food and you will get the body you want!

Timeless Wedding Dress Style You Might Wish For Your Big Day

Choosing the right timeless wedding dress style is quite tricky. Some dress looks good on others. However, it doesn’t mean that it will look good on other people. Therefore, don’t just choose any dress. Choose a wedding dress that will make you look good now and in the future. Therefore, when you look back on the albums there is no regret.

Simple Timeless Wedding Dress Style

Choosing the proper dress will make the bride feel comfortable and flexible. Modern dresses are usually the main option but try out some timeless wedding dress style for the big day. Try to mix some of these wedding dress styles with a modern touch and see how it looks. Below is some type of wedding dress style that will never go old and make the bride the most beautiful for the day:

1. Mermaid Gown

Like the name of the gown, the shape of this gown is made like a mermaid. It is open on the top and full skirt for the bottom. This kind of dress is best for those who have a pear shape body. Because the bottom part will show off the waist. The mermaid gown shows off many skin and curves, so the bride must be confident. Overall, this gown is suitable for those who are brave.

2.     Ball Gown

The ball gown is one of the wedding dresses that never gets old. That is why the ball gown is suitable for any kind of body. For those who have a big or small waist, don’t need to worry. The big volume of the dress will hide the lower body and won’t make it look small/ big. As for those who have big busts, this gown will help it to look just right. Just like a princess dress, the ball gown will make the bride look dramatic. So, for those who are planning to have a royal wedding can choose this wedding dress.

3.     A-Line Gown

A-line gown is a dress with a waistline that is located under the bust until the bottom of the dress. The dress doesn’t show too many curves; therefore, it fits most types of bodies. For those who have big busts, try to modify the upper side of the dress. Or do not put a belt if you don’t want to show off too much of the bust. Compared to the two dresses before, the A-Line gown is the best option. The dress can hide parts of the body that you want to hide.

Tips on Choosing the Right Wedding Dress Style

Before choosing the dress, know the shape of your body. This is very important because it will help determine what kind of dress can suit the body. Next, determine the theme of the wedding. Make sure to know all the events at the party. What the bride and groom will be doing. Because the dress will adjust to the theme of the party.

Whichever timeless wedding dress style you choose, the most important thing is to be confident with the body. If the bride is confident, then anything will look good.

Best Photography Caption On Instagram For Summer Holiday

best photography caption for instagram

Summertime is coming! It is time to get tanned with a glass of orange. Don’t forget to share your shining smile to the world, thus make an attractive caption for your post is interesting. So your friend will know how exciting your holiday is. Here we have some samples of best photography caption on Instagram, special for summertime.

A good caption is something that influences happiness for others or gives useful information. Summertime will look more interesting if you post photos with family, kids, or friends. Because summer is about spending time for free and show the real who you are.

1. “Good vibes always come in summer”

This is one of the common captions people make when they are gathering with friends. Summer always seems the right time to spread spirits, laugh, and share stories.  You can share your moment at the beach or look like having a nice conversation. If you want to add a little touch, there is summer filter in a photo editor tool, then your post will look amazing.

2. “Thank you, Sun, for making my day”

The best photography caption on Instagram sometimes comes for a blessing posting. It is okay to use this caption with your selfie picture. Show your smile as shining as you can. Make the caption feels like summer makes your day brighter and more excited. Through this caption, everybody will know that you are happy when you post it. Also, ensure your followers that summer gives the same sensation for them too.

3. “Welcome, Summer! I am ready for your surprise!”

A caption like this is suitably posted on the first day of summer, then it would be more perfect when someone sees this in the morning. This caption shows you how excited you are in the summer. You believe that summer will give you a surprise even today is the first day.

4. “Chilling out with glasses of fresh orange and smoothies. Surely, my summer is filled with exotic drinks.”

Your summer will be fresher with a glass of fruit juice. When the summer is coming, lots of fruits are available. It is nice to have a glass of pineapple juice mixed with orange, coconut syrup combined with lychee, and many creations you can do. This could be your best photography caption on Instagram if you show the real glass of the drink. Mixing exotic fruits will give you a colorful look. Sit together with your friends or show how relaxing you are. Some people post this caption while they are sunbathing at the beach.

5. Using a Motivational Quote

This kind of caption usually a capture of a motivational quote. There are many samples of this kind of quote, whether comes from famous people, books, poetry, and others. Don’t forget to put the author, this shows you that you respect them. Follow the caption with the matched picture. It could be anything that describes the caption. Remember, once it looks interesting, you will get many “loves”.

Those are pieces of best photography caption on Instagram. We just show you the examples but be creative as you want is better. Also, if you have a special skill to design your page will be more attractive.