Everlasting Comedy Movie That Will Make You Rolling On The Floor

Comedy movie is everyone’s favorite genre. Besides you can laughing to tears it also relief you from misery. Sometimes, watching a comedy movie is like therapy or medication during your bad-busy day. Meanwhile, there are several comedy movies that never get old. Here is the list of everlasting comedy movie:

1.      Sideways

This comedy movie is still relevant today and never fails to make you laugh out loud. Even better, this movie won an Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay and nominated for several categories, which is awesome. Meanwhile, Paul Giamatti and Thomas Haden Church succeeded in collaborating misery, desperation, and sex trouble in the wine country.

2.      School of Rock

This one never gets boring. Furthermore, the success of the movie inspires the real school of rock to open across the country. Meanwhile, Jack Black’s performance in this movie is awesome. He seems to absorb the rock vibe, energy, humor, and musicality into his bones. Nevertheless, the children cast are amazing and cute.

3.      Step Brother

It’s okay to have a stepbrother, right? Maybe it would not be a problem if that happens in your youth, not in your 40’s. Well, Brennan and Dale are forced to be a roommate after their parent married. Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly are really meant to be stepbrother, in another dimension perhaps.

4.      Rush Hour

Working with a partner is tough, especially when your partner is a ridiculous one. But, let Jacky Chan deal with it rather than us, because he is the one who can survive it. Meanwhile, this movie is about two agents with differences in every aspect of personality but must work together. LOL.

5.      Ted

Christmas is magic, for some people of course. Meanwhile, in this movie, Mark Walberg must deal with his Christmas wish. By the age of 8, he wishes for a living talking teddy bear, and magically it happens. But, you wish maybe your curse, even steal your job and your girlfriend. Careful, laughing suggested.

6.      Dumb and Dumber

Jim Carrey did an excellent work with his comical mimic and slapstick. While his partner, Jeff Daniels is even dumber. Besides, their dumbness is the center of the movie which is awesome. You will laugh to tears and don’t know how to stop. Thus, this movie considers as one of the everlasting comedy movies.

7.      The Sitter

Jonah Hill is absolutely brilliant. Also, he is a producer and actor in this movie. This movie is about a student who is temporarily dismissed and forced to become a babysitter by his mother. That is where the comedy begins, from the conflict between Jonah and the baby. Hilarious!

8.      Kick-Ass

Being a superhero is tempting. Therefore, Aaron-Taylor Jackson who plays Dave in the movie-obsessed with it. It doesn’t matter if you have superhero power or not, obsession is an obsession. Even if you got hurt by doing a silly heroic thing, it doesn’t stop you. And it doesn’t stop the fans to laugh.

That list of everlasting movie comedy may go on. If you are funny enough to add more, the stage is yours.