Top 4 Reasons Why People Can’t Move On From Avengers

reasons why people cant move on from avengers

on the 24th of April 2019, Marvel released Avengers: Endgame. Almost all superheroes character in Marvel are available here.  However, this film is connected with many films before in this franchise. There are many reasons why people can’t move on from Avengers.

For many people, watching again the film before Endgame is such boring. Maybe Marvel makes this film to answer many questions in Infinity War. In the start, this film feels boring with a small usual conflict. Above all, this film gives us a complicated story. If you never see the old MCU films, this film will make you confused.

Certainly, Avengers: Endgame is such a great film. Maybe, we will remember this film in a while. I will try to write some reasons why people can’t move on from avengers.

1. Wondering Why Captain Amerika is Getting Old at the End of the Film?

If you watch this film until the end, you will have this question too. We all know Captain Amerika is using the super serum that slowing down his ability to grow older. In this film, Cap just goes back to the past and then he grows old.

As a result, the old Cap makes us wondering how it could be. He didn’t back with the time machine and accidentally sitting in the chair. There nothing we can get for the reason. So, it still leaves us in big question and we can’t move on from Avengers.

2. Iron-Man or Tony Stark Die

The biggest accident that happens here is the death of big superhero, Iron-Man. Iron-Man died because he saves all people by using infinite stone power. On the other side, we still wondering why Iron-Man can use it when Hulk Can’t?

Most of all Iron-Man fans feel a heartbreak in here. In the same vein, I can’t believe why should Tony Stark die this early. I still wondering are Tony Stark didn’t deserve a better ending? Maybe all of those questions is one of the reasons why people can’t move on from avengers.

3. Many Heroes We can See in the Same Scene

The Marvel Heroes usually appear in the individual story. But in this film, we can see almost all heroes appear. It is a rare moment for MCU lovers to see all of his favorite hero. In contrast, this film just shows war briefly.

However, a lot of superheroes look more strong in this film. We can see their spirit in a serious moment. The famous character that appears in here is Hulk, Spider-Man, Dr. Strange, Thor, Iron-Man, Captain America, and many more.

4. There is a Lot of Epic Moments

In this film, we can’t ignore many epic moments. Each superhero in this film is like show us the real power. This film is also taken with an awesome position. As a result, we can see it with a rattle heart.

The complexion of the problem in this film make this film full of epic moments. For example, while in the last war we can feel the tension of the war, or while Iron-Man has passed away.

There are the reasons why people can’t move on from avengers. It such an awesome film, it is reasonable if we can’t forget it easily.