Some Unique Places For Pre Wedding Photos From Around The World

In this era, many foreign tourists are looking for the best spot for pre-wedding photos. Before the yellow leaf is completely curved, many couples will first do the ‘ritual’ pre-wedding photo. Here are some unique places for pre wedding photo in the world.

1. Roman

The city that stands on seven hills and Tiber Rer is one of the beautiful cities and the target of world tourists as one of the unique places for pre wedding photo. This place, which has a myriad of super classical architecture, is available in quiet and suitable streets for muscular forging.

2. Venice

Of some of the most beautiful places in the world, you certainly will not forget this one city. Venice, a city in the country of Italy. The City of Venice has works of art in every corner of the city. Because of that, it made couples who recognized the beauty of this city.

So that Venice became one of the best places for pre-wedding photos for couples. This makes many tourists recognize the beauty of the city as the best photo place for pre-wedding. In addition, this city is a city that is synonymous with romanticism.

3. London

Well, who does not know this city? This peaceful, attractive and multicultural city offers many tourist attractions and is great for taking pre-wedding photos! Although including a crowded city, but tourists from various parts of the country are never absent through London.

4. Republic of Ceko

This city is famous as the city of a thousand towers. The Czech Republic has many historic sites and beautiful preservation monuments. One of them is the bridge that is most often used as a place for pre-wedding photos. It is located along the Vitava river.

5. Santorini

Santorini is located in Greece. Santorini is the most beautiful island in the world geologically and archaeologically. Apart from that, this place is one of the most romantic places in the world. There are city buildings that are dominating on white and this blue roof.

It turns out that not only is this city the oldest in the world on earth. Bright and very beautiful city view, suitable for the romantic atmosphere sought by couples who are looking for a pre wedding place. So, this city is included in some unique places for a pre wedding photo.

6. Indonesia

The location of the anti-mainstream pre wedding photo is located in Yogyakarta, specifically Bantul. On Parangtritis Beach, there is a vast desert. Stretching from Depok Beach to Parangtritis. So that makes Sand Dune is a rare natural phenomenon and is the only one in Southeast Asia. There is has an area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout two square kilometers.

Sand Dune is also often the location of anti-mainstream pre wedding photos because the nuance is similar to the desert in the countries of the Middle East region. In addition, sandboarding lovers can glide from a height that varies between five to seven meters with boards like skateboards and surfboards.

Those are some unique places for pre wedding photo. Make sure to choose the right place by following the wishes and available budget.